Indoor Smart Signal Booster for 3G, 4G and 4G LTE networks around the world.

Cel-Fi PRO improves 3G, 4G, and LTE cellular service by eliminating dead zones and dropped calls. With 100 dB of gain, Cel-Fi PRO will not only improve cellular service across four (4) concurrent bands, it will also reduce your cell phone’s power requirements and extend its battery life. Cel-Fi PRO covers up to 13,000 ft2 (1,200 m2) of indoor space per system.

Cel-Fi PRO systems feature an LCD color interface, are fully self-contained and self-configuring, and require no external antennas or wiring. Simply plug it in to boost indoor cellular coverage.

Benefit to Consumers

  • Improved Voice Coverage
  • Improved Data Throughput
  • Improved Battery Life
  • Ease of Installation

Benefit to Operators

  • Reduced Churn
  • Higher Data Service Usage
  • Decreased Operational Cost
  • Network Safe
  • Operator Specific
  • Self Adjusting
  • Multi Technology Support
  • Multi Carrier Support

Technical Specifications

All systems are reconfigured to sepcific carriers
Bands 1/3, 1/7, 1/8, 1/3/7, 1/3/8, 1/3/7/8, 1/3/8/20, 1/7/8/20, 2/5, 2/4/5/12, 1/3/5/28, or 3/5/28
Power Consumption Full uplink: • 30 Watts
Idle: • <20 Watts
Physical Specification Network Unit: 179 x 155 x 110mm (540g)
Coverage Unit: 160 x 164 x 70mm (450g)
Certifications CE, FEE, RoHS, IC, EAC, R&TTE & EN
Electrical & Environmental Requirements 12 VDC-25 to 60 Celsius

Sample Layouts

One Level
Two Level